So you're coming to Madstar Mobile, but you don't want a new number--you've got a perfectly good number of your own that you'd like to keep on using. We can do that! Here's a quick run down on how to make this happen.

Gather all of your account information from your old carrier. This includes:

· Name on your phone bill

· Address on the bill

· Phone number you want to port

· Last four digits of the SSN of the account holder

· Account number with old Carrier

· Pin/Password with old carrier if you have one

The PIN/Password that you're looking for is the one your carrier might use to verify your identity if you called in and wanted to get account information or make a critical change to the account. It's often not the same password as your online login or voicemail PIN (unless you've set it up that way). Some carriers don't have account passwords, but most do, so if you're working to get all this other information, you'll want to just go ahead and find that password information as well. This will save you time and frustration down the road.

If this is a business account:

· the name on the account will be the business name rather than an individual

· you'll need your Tax ID rather than an SSN

Initiate Your Transfer

Once you have all the information please call Madstar Mobile Customer Service 844.623.7827