With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can create albums of photos and videos to share, and subscribe to other people’s shared albums. You can invite others using iCloud Photo Sharing (iOS 6 or later or OS X Mountain Lion or later) to view your albums, and they can leave comments if they wish. If they’re using iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks or later, they can add their own photos and videos. You can also publish your album to a website for anyone to view. iCloud Photo Sharing works with or without iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream.

Note: To use iCloud Photo Sharing, iPhone must be connected to the Internet. iCloud Photo Sharing works over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Cellular data charges may apply. 

The Share screen with photos along the top, nearby friends that are using AirDrop below that, and options for sharing. Other actions appear along the bottom

Turn on iCloud Photo Sharing. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos. Or go to Settings > Photos & Camera.

Share photos and videos. While viewing a photo or video, or when you’ve selected multiple photos or videos, tap the share button, tap iCloud Photo Sharing, add comments, then share to an existing shared album or create a new one. You can invite people to view your shared album using their email address or the mobile phone number they use for Messages.

Enable a public website. Select the shared album, tap People, then turn on Public Website. Tap Share Link if you want to announce the site.

Add items to a shared album. View a shared album, tap the add button, select items, then tap Done. You can add a comment, then tap Post.

Delete photos from a shared album. Select the shared album, tap Select, select the photos or videos you want to delete, then tap the trash can button. You must be the owner of the shared album, or the owner of the photo.

Delete comments from a shared album. Select the photo or video that contains the comment. Touch and hold the comment, then tap Delete. You must be the owner of the shared album, or the owner of the comment.

Rename a shared album. Tap Shared, tap Edit, then tap the name and enter a new one.

Add or remove subscribers, or turn Notifications on or off. Select the shared album, then tap People.

Subscribe to a shared album. When you receive an invitation, tap the Shared tab , then tap Accept. You can also accept an invitation in an email.

Add items to a shared album you subscribed to. View the shared album, then tap the add button. Select items, then tap Done. You can add a comment, then tap Post.

See your Family album. When Family Sharing is set up, a shared album called Family is automatically created in Photos on all family members’ devices. Everyone in the family can contribute photos, videos, and comments to the album, and be notified whenever something new is added. For more information about setting up Family Sharing