Choose music from the Home screen. On iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, press the Music icon, then choose a quick action. 

Control playback. Tap a song to play it and show the Miniplayer. Tap the Miniplayer to show the Now Playing screen, where you can do the following:

  • Tap the Next button to skip to the next song.

  • Tap the Previous button to return to the song’s beginning.

  • Double-tap the Previous button to play the previous song in an album or playlist.

Now Playing screen showing the album art, Favorite button, playhead, play controls, track list icon, and Share, Shuffle, Repeat, and More buttons along the bottom. The button at top left hides the Now Playing screen

Skip to any point in a song. Drag the playhead. Decrease the scrubbing speed by sliding your finger down the screen.

Share music. Tap the share button, then choose a sharing option.

Shuffle. Tap the shuffle button to play your songs in random order.

Repeat. Tap the repeat button to repeat an album or playlist. Double-tap the repeat button to repeat a single song.

More. Tap the More button for additional options.

See what’s up next. Tap the track list button. Tap a song to play it and the songs that follow. Drag the reorder button to reorder the list.

Stream music to an AirPlay-enabled device. Tap the AirPlay button in Now Playing, then choose a device. 

Quickly navigate to the album. Tap the track, artist, or album name in Now Playing.

Hide Now Playing. Swipe down the album art or tap the close now playing button.