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Who is Madstar Mobile and why should you join us?!

Madstar Mobile is the next major wireless telecommunications company that is operational andcompeting for customers against AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Digicel, Tracfone, Ting and Simple Mobile.We provide the latest wirelessly-enabled data devices and handsets on Android, IOS and Windowsoperating systems. We activate service for talk, text & data with national coverage is on the same LTEnetwork as other major wireless carriers. Our trademarked Bring Your Own Mobile Device (BYOMD)program allows customers to keep their current device and phone number when switching fromanother service provider. Madstar Mobile provides mobile phone service with unlimited talk, text &data at the data download speed of choice, without credit required, deposits or multi-year contracts.

• National reliable coverage on Madstar Mobile’s Spectrum contract for 3G & 4G LTE network of40,000 towers that covers 98% of the US population with truly unlimited talk, text and data. Ourcustomers control the cost and data speed from the start, while never being concerned aboutadditional charges or data overage fees that can accrue quickly

.• Keep your current phone, its content and number! Bring Your Own Mobile Device (BYOMD) allowsyou to switch from your old carrier and keep your current compatible device. We can also activateservice with an "experienced" device you previously used or purchased online

.• No need to be credit worthy. Everyone is initially approved for a postpaid plan without a depositrequired. No early termination fees. We have a reimbursement program for customers who payETF’s to their old carrier when switching to Madstar Mobile. No contracts. Subscribers may cancel atany time for any reason. If a carrier was a good as they say, then why would we need to have longterm contracts?• Phone financing. Lease to own phone is offered on select Madstar Mobile devices. We also offer athird-party financing option for all other devices. Purchase new devices from all the top brands youknow and love, like Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG and more.

• Use Bitcoin to purchase devices, accessories and monthly service. Madstar Mobile was the firstwireless carrier to allow Bitcoin as an alternative payment method to the US Dollar. Our website islinked to markets currency exchange rates which allows shoppers to convert between BTC/USD inreal time. This also allows us to easily offer other currency payment options as we expand into othermarkets. Payments are converted and deposited in USD to Madstar Mobile

.• Payments in Cash are accepted at any MoneyGram location throughout the US. Madstar Mobilepartnered with MoneyGram who lists Madstar Mobile as a payment option in all US locations. Withour direct link into MoneyGram, we know instantly when a customer’s cash payment is made.

• Warranty options, trade-ins, a buyback program, mail in device repair, free or overnight delivery,orders and activations online, merchandise and accessories are all available options today.

• If a customer is not thrilled with our service within the first 30 days, we will help them switch back totheir previous carrier and pay any re-activation fee, so they have nothing to lose by trying outMadstar Mobile. Since our services come with no contracts, it allows a customer to cancel at anytime for any reason so if they’re unhappy, we’re unhappy as we hold ourselves to the higheststandard of service excellence. We appreciate customer feedback and consider it a measurement ofhow well we are doing or where improvement may be needed.



The paramount goal at Madstar Mobile is to provide every user with a plan that represents an ideal fit for them; along with the BEST coverage, affordable products,and top-notch customer service. 

Madatar Mobile is constantly adding products and items of interest to our website. Click here to check out our price-friendly plans, great selection of the latest phones. Consult the knowledge base to conveniently access a wealth of product and service information. Finally, don’t forget that you can always speak to a customer service star by calling 844.623.7827!