What is Hands Free Activation?

After you've activated your phone with a number, the device needs to sync with the network. This syncing is what we refer to as Hands Free Activation.

In addition to syncing your phone with the network, Hands Free Activation downloads information that's necessary to get your phone making and receiving phone calls and text messages, and accessing data.

Any phone that’s newly purchased from Madstar Mobile will attempt to complete a Hands Free Activation the first time you boot it up, as well as on each subsequent restart until the activation has completed.


How do I complete a Hands Free Activation?

If the Hands Free activation doesn't start automatically once you've assigned a number to your phone, you'll need to restart it, and the activation will begin automatically within a minute or two.

You can tell that your phone is attempting a Hands Free Activation if a message pops up on your screen saying something like, "Hands Free Activation. Contacting network, please wait..."


What if my Hands Free Activation keeps failing?

1. If you had a temporary number on your phone and just transferred or ported another number to the phone, confirm steps 2 - 5.

2. Make sure that data is enabled on your actual phone. This will generally be listed as Mobile Data, Data enabled or 3G Data in the Settings of your phone.

3. Make sure Wi-Fi is disabled on your phone. The phone needs to connect to the data network to get activated. If you have an LTE device or an iPhone, you may be able to activate over a Wi-Fi network, but if you're having trouble try enabling data and disabling Wi-Fi.

4. Check that you have 2-4 bars.

5. Restart your phone. It should go into a Hands Free Activation when it restarts.