Can't Make or Receive Calls

1. Ensure that you have voice coverage in the location of your HPC2

2. Make sure the phone number associated with the HPC2 is active on your account

3. Check that the white power light (on the power button) is on

4. Check that the antenna is securely attached

5. Check that the phone cord connecting the handset to the HPC2 is securely attached

6. Try power cycling your HPC2

7. If you have no signal (the light is red), try moving the HPC2 to another location in your home with better reception

8. Try running an activation reset and then a PRL update

9. Try a different handset if you have one available

10. Try resetting the HPC2 to factory defaults


My call will not connect properly when I try dialing from my saved phone number listing

If there's a voicemail message waiting, you'll hear 6 beeps to indicate that there's a message before you hear a regular dial tone.

If you experience this issue, hang up. When you pick up again, wait for the indicator tones to complete and for the regular dial tone to kick in before you begin dialing.


My fax machine, digital cable, security alarm system are not working with the Home Phone Connect.

Since the Home Phone Connect works using a wireless connection and not a traditional landline, some services aren't going to be compatible with it.

Fax machines will not work with the Home Phone Connect.

Check with your digital cable and security alarm system providers to determine if their services can operate via a wireless connection through the Home Phone Connect.




Power Cycling

1. Press and hold the power button until the all the indicator lights turn off

2. Wait 10 seconds and then turn the unit back on by pressing and holding the power button until all the indicator lights turn on

3. Allow the device about 5 minutes so it can connect to the network and be provisioned

4. Turn the device off again, wait 10 seconds and turn it back on

Activation Reset 
To reset your device's activation on the network:

1. On any handset connected to the HPC2, dial * * 3 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 #

2. Let the device sit without using it for 5 full minutes

3. Turn the device off and after 10 seconds turn it back on

PRL Update 
To update your device's PRL (preferred roaming list)

1. On any handset connected to the HPC2, dial * * 3 6 0 0 0 0 #

2. You'll get an error tone if the reset was unsuccessful

Reset to Factory Defaults

1. On any handset connected to the HPC2, dial # # 786 # without any pauses (a dial tone will return if there is too much of a pause while entering the code and the code will need to be re-entered)

2. All of the LEDs will turn off momentarily

3. The device will start the reset process and activation process

4. Wait 5 minutes for activation to complete