It's a good idea to set up your HPC2 in an area of your home where you're going to get good reception (like near a window) and not in, say, the corner, basement office.

1. Install the back up battery and antenna on your HPC2.

2. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.

3. Plug the power adapter into the back of the unit.

4. Unplug your home phone handset from the wall jack and plug it into one of the provided ports on the HPC2 - DO NOT plug the HPC2 into the wall phone jack.

5. Press and hold the power button on the top of the unit until all the indicator lights turn on.

6. It will take 3-5 minutes for the HPC2 to activate; during this time all the LEDs will blink green from left to right - DON'T try to use your HPC2 during this time.

7. If the lights are still blinking after 5 minutes, power cycle the unit using the power button (to turn off the unit, press and hold the power button until all the indicator lights turn off).

8. When the unit is ready to use the Signal and Signal Strength LEDs will be solid green to indicate the unit is receiving signal and that it's strong.

9. The Battery LED will be solid green if it's fully charged, blinking green if it's partially charged, blinking red if it's low and solid red if there's no charge.

You may hear a dial tone on your HPC2 before it is actually activated, so make sure that your phone number is active on your account before trying to use the device.


To check your voicemail, dial *86 on your connected handset.

While it's not recommended that you use the HPC2 with an answering machine, if you choose to do so, you'll want to account for the HPC2's standard number of rings, which is 5. 

If you're calling a number that utilizes the HPC2, you'll likely hear 6 rings but the first one is not registered by the device. This means if you want it to work with an answering machine, you'll need to set that to pick up after 4 rings so that the voicemail doesn't kick in.

Please note, your answering machine may not always collect messages as you anticipate when used with an HPC2.