Does my service allow for data?

Yes, all Madstar Mobile devices have at least some data capability.

Can I disable data?

Yes, you can. This can be done on your device in the settings. 

Do I need to have data enabled to use picture messaging?

You should be able to use picture messaging if you're connected to Wi-Fi, but if there is no Wi-Fi network available, then data will need to be enabled on both your account and your device.

Does my service support 4G data services?

4G is available in certain areas. You can check our coverage map to see if you're in an area covered by 4G service. Remember, you'll need a device that supports 4G as well.

What happens if I'm outside of Madstar Mobile 's coverage area?

If you're outside of our network area, your phone will report "Network Unavailable" as Madstar Mobile does not offer data roaming. Sometimes, cellular towers may experience problems, so if you're in an area where coverage should be available, but your device is reporting otherwise, you should contact us so we can investigate.

I noticed I have data usage showing up for tomorrow. How is this possible?

All time stamps for usage are calculated using CST. If you're not in this timezone and use data, some of this usage could appear to be reported earlier, or later than you expected.