As you might expect on an operating system by Google, search factors fairly heavily into the Android interface. You have a search widget on your home screen by default, which can be used to search for anything from contacts to apps to web content. We'll show you how to search your Android in this tutorial.


Tutorial Notes

· By default, your phone will come with a Google Search widget on your main home screen. You can use this to search not only anything on the web, but anything on your phone as well.

· Start typing and your phone will first begin displaying and filtering contacts. If you tap a contact, you will be brought to that contact entry where you can call, text and so on.

· Back in the search page, you'll see suggested web searches below your contacts.

· If you tap the Google icon on the widget, you'll be able to select or deselect what resources are included in a search.

· Tapping the microphone lets you do a voice search which allows you to simply tell your phone what to search for.