If you've ever needed to type something in a different language on your Android phone then you might have found yourself a little lost. The option is there but it's buried in the settings. We'll show you how to change your Android phone's input language in this episode.


Tutorial Notes

· Open a text entry field to bring up the software keyboard.

· Tap and hold the microphone icon to the left of the spacebar, then slide your finger over to the Settings icon and release.

· Scroll down and tap on Input languages.

· On the menu that appears, scroll to find the alternate input languages you'd like to have as keyboard options. You can add multiple alternate languages by tapping the checkboxes beside the listed languages.

· Open up a text entry app to test your new input language.

· You'll notice that the space bar looks a little different now. To toggle between selected input languages, slide your finger left or right on the space bar.

Note that the characters on your on-screen keyboard won't change. Instead, you're changing the auto-correct dictionary. If you want to get a keyboard that uses a different character set, you'll need to go into the Android Market to download one. See our tutorial on selecting an alternate keyboard on your Android phone for information on how to do that.