Manage running services on your Android phone. We'll show you how to see what processes are running on your smartphone, how to get details on what the process is and how to kill a rogue process. This way, you can always ensure that your phone's resources are free for you to use.


Tutorial Notes

· From the home screen, hit the menu button then choose Settings.

· Now, tap on Applications and then on Running services.

· This list shows us everything that's running on our phone. It also shows us how much of our phone's resources the process is taking up and how long the process has been running.

· Tap on any entry to get more details. The next screen we see will vary from app to app, though we'll generally have an option to stop the process if desired. Tapping Stop will kill the process and remove it from the list of running services.

· If we feel an app is poorly coded, taking up too many resources or constantly crashing, we can hit the Report button. Fill in the field with a brief description of the problem then hit Send.

· Hit the Preview button to see what information is being sent if you opt to Include system data.

· A final note: task manager apps are all but unnecessary on Android 2.2 or better phones. Android does a much better job of managing system resources and how apps can access them than it did when such apps became popular.