If you want to connect a headset or keyboard to your Android phone, then there are few ways that are better than by using Bluetooth. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to enable Bluetooth on your Android and how to pair with a Bluetooth device so that you can make your mobile life easier.


Tutorial Notes

· Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that lets you connect your favorite tech products, like your Android phone, with other items like headsets, speakers, keyboard and more.

· First, go to your Settings screen. Now tap on Wireless & network settings.

· From here, you'll want to make sure the box for Bluetooth is checked. If it isn't, tap it to turn Bluetooth on. Once it's on, tap Bluetooth settings.

· Check the box to make your phone discoverable. You'll also need to put the device you want to connect into pairing mode, generally by pressing a button or combination of buttons. Refer to the device's manual if you have problems.

· Now, tap Scan for devices. You'll see any Bluetooth devices that are in range and set to discoverable. If you don't see your device, then make sure that it's set to pairing mode and give it a couple seconds to turn up on the list.

· When you see your device in the list, tap it to pair with it. The process can differ from device to device and may involve entering a password, generally 0000 or 1234 by default. Again, refer to the device's manual if you encounter problems.

· Once you've paired with a device, all you need to do to make sure that your devices are connected is turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure your Android phone has Bluetooth turned on.