You can save a lot of time by using voice commands on your Android, and it's fairly easy to do. You can use voice search to search for pretty much any file on your Android or you can use voice commands to either call or send messages to your contacts. It's pretty cool and plenty useful, as we show you here.


Tutorial Notes

· You can control many aspects of your Android phone through voice commands.

· With voice commands you can navigate to an address, send a text message, make a call, play music and more.

· To start Google Search you'll need to tap the microphone button on the Google search widget.

· You can say such things as "search for pizza nearby" and you'll see results once your Android has completed the search.

· To send a text message, tap the microphone button again and say "send text message to" followed by your contact's name and the selected text.

· If you want to see some more things that you can do with voice command, tap the Help key after tapping the microphone.


Tutorial Notes

· To begin, you'll need to have Voice Actions installed on your phone. You can get Voice Actions here. Simply start up the Voice Search app or tap the microphone in the Google Search widget to get started.

· Say any word in voice command mode and you'll begin a web search for that term.

· Say "call" followed by a contact's name to call that contact. Remember that names can be hard to pick out so speak slowly and clearly.

· Say "map of" followed by an address or business name to get a map of the location and local area.

· Say "directions to" followed by a destination and Navigation will open up with a map and directions.

· Say the name of a contact and you'll be brought to that person's contact details.

· Say "call" followed by a number and a call will be initiated. You can also say "call" followed by a business name and a call will be placed based on the business' Google listing.

· Say "go to" followed by a URL to quickly jump to a web page.

· Say "send text to" or "send SMS to" followed by a contact name, followed by the message. Include punctuation. A text message will be drafted.

· Say "send email to" followed by contacts to begin an email. You can even add CCs or BCCs. Say "subject" followed by a subject to fill the subject line. Say "body" followed by the body text to fill the body of the email. Include punctuation. You'll see a draft email appear.

· Say "note to self" followed by a message to compose a message to yourself in Gmail.

· Say "set alarm" followed by a time to set an alarm. Say "label" followed by a message to add a label to the alarm.

· Say "listen to" followed by an artist to quickly jump to music by that artist. Say "listen to" followed by an artist and their album or song to immediately listen to music.