Yes!  You can now bring your eligible iPad to Madstar Mobile. 


Which iPads can I bring to Madstar Mobile?


  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air Refresh
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad PRO 12.9"
  • iPad PRO 9.7"


How do I find my ESN/MEID?


To find the ESN or MEID of your phone: Go to Settings > General > About > MEID

Make sure to note your ICCID as well. You'll need that to activate your device.



I did a jailbreak on my iPad, can I still bring it to Madstar Mobile?


A jailbroken iPad may work on Madstar Mobile, but we can't guarantee that. Of course, jailbreaking an iPad, much like rooting an Android phone, voids its warranty and limits the support we can provide.


Activating Your iPad with Madstar Mobile:


1. Make sure your SIM card is installed

2. Connect to Wi-Fi

3. Restart your iPad

4. Your iPad will launch into Hands Free Activation within 2-3 minutes

5. Once this process is complete, your iPad activation is complete


If your iPad does not start working immediately, follow the steps below.


1. Check the MEID number and confirm that it's the same as the one listed in your Madstar Mobile  account. To find the MEID on your phone:

    · Tap General

    · Tap About

    · Look for the MEID - do not confuse this with the IMEI

    · Look for ICCID and make sure it's correct


2. Make sure you're not in a roaming area.


3. Make sure that data is enabled on your Madstar Mobile account.


4. Make sure that data is enabled on your iPad. To confirm this:


    · Tap Cellular (on iOS 6, tap General, then Cellular)

    · Make sure the ON/OFF button for Cellular Data is in the ON position 


5. Try running a network reset:

    · Tap General

    · Tap Reset


6. Try running a profile update:

    · Connect to a Wi-Fi network

    · Tap General

    · Tap Reset

    · Tap Subscriber Services

    · Tap Reprovision Account

    · If update is successful Service Update Complete message will appear after a minute - tap OK


**If update is not successful Service Update Fails message will appear, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and try again; if this happens again try running a factory reset.


Wait 3-6 hours to give the device sufficient time to connect to the network and activate on its own. If your profile update was successful but you still aren't able to activate, it may help to wait a few hours. If you receive a Service Update Failure message, double check your Wi-Fi connection and repeat the entire procedure in full one more time. If the activation fails a second time it is time to perform a factory reset (see below).


Factory Reset


Remember to perform a backup prior to resetting your device


1. Tap General

2. Tap Reset

3. Tap Erase All Content

4. Erase iPad

5. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted


The iPad will reboot and you will be prompted to go through the setup process again, which you can do as a new device or restore it from a previous backup in iTunes or iCloud.