The MiFi 500 keeps you (and up to 9 of your best friends) connected while mobile. Just follow the setup directions below.



Once you've got the MiFi activated on your account with a phone number, simply do the following:

1. Insert the battery and charge up your MiFi 500.

2. Confirm you're in an area with 3G or LTE data* coverage by checking our coverage map.

3. Make sure your computer's Wi-Fi is enabled.

4. Make sure your computer is not connected to any other Wi-Fi or wired network.

5. Press and hold the power button on the MiFi 500 to turn it on.

6. To see the Wi-Fi name and password for your MiFi 500 displayed on the device LED: Menu > Wi-Fi

7. On your computer, look for the MiFi 500's Wi-Fi name in your list of Wi-Fi networks and connect to it (this does not require an internet connection).

8. If your computer does not have Wi-Fi, connect to the MiFi 500 with a USB cable and allow the setup to run so the necessary drivers can be downloaded.

9 Log in to view and edit settings; the default password is "admin". For more information on which settings you can view and edit in the MiFi 500 Web Interface, check out this article.

*Note: The MiFi 500 is a tri-band LTE device, but not all LTE markets have been upgraded to tri-band yet. In those areas only 3G data will be available for tri-band devices. For more information click here.



General Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble getting your MiFi 500 Mobile Hotspot up and running, or if it's stopped working, try the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Check that data is available in your area

To make sure that data is available where you're located, plug your address into our map and check your data coverage. Remember, if you're roaming, data won't be available.

Note: The MiFi 500 is a tri-band LTE device, but not all LTE markets have been upgraded to tri-band yet. In those areas only 3G data will be available for tri-band devices. For more information click here.


2. Confirm that your MiFi 500 is active with a phone number

To check if your MiFi 500 is active with a number, click on "Device settings" in your account and check the "State" of your device. It should be listed as "active."

If your number is suspended or still porting, those statuses will show up here and that means your device isn't active yet.


3. Confirm that data is enabled on your account

4. Check your MiFi 500

Try the following on your MiFi 500:

· check the device's battery life

· move the device to another location that may get better reception (i.e. near a window, out of a the basement)

· check that the SIM card (located beneath the battery) is seated properly

· check that the battery is making connection

· power cycle the MiFi 500; press and hold the power button until the device powers down, remove the battery for about 30 seconds, reinsert the battery and power back up


5. Check your computer (or connected device)

Check the following on your computer (or connected device):

· Wi-Fi is enabled and the computer is connected to the MiFi 500

· if you're using a direct USB cable connection, ensure that the software drivers for the MiFi 500 are installed on your computer

· make sure your computer doesn't have any other Wi-Fi or wired network connections

· If you've done all of the above and it hasn't helped, try restarting your computer and then reconnecting to the MiFi 500.


6. Check if you've reached the maximum number of connections allowed on the MiFi 500

The number of devices currently accessing your MiFi 500's network will be displayed on the home screen of the device next to the phone icon. The MiFi 500 allows for a maximum of 10 devices connected by Wi-Fi and 1 by USB.

7. Confirm your Wi-Fi credentials

Ensure that you are using the correct Wi-Fi name and password on your computer or connected device to access your MiFi 500.

If you're not sure of your MiFi 500's credentials, you can find them on the device by going to: Menu > Wi-Fi

8. Check what kind of data your MiFi 500 is trying to access

If you are in an area that only has 3G data and your MiFi 500 is set to only connect to LTE data*, you'll need to change your network mode settings.

On the device, Menu > Mobile Network > More - use the arrow keys to scroll through options LTE preferred, LTE only, 3G preferred or 3G only and the OK key to set

Remember the MiFi 500 is a tri-band LTE device, but not all LTE markets have been upgraded to tri-band yet. In those areas only 3G data will be available for tri-band devices. For more information click here.

9. Update your MiFi 500's 3G network settings and PRL


1. Connect your computer to your MiFi 500

2. Click on Settings on the left hand side of the page

3. Click on the Device tab

 4. Make sure you're on Software Update tab within Device

5. Click "Update Profile" and when that completes, click "Update PRL"


10. Troubleshoot specific error codes

If you're coming across an error code, there may be some more specific troubleshooting that you need to do. The most common error codes, and what to do about them, are listed in this article.

11. Reset your MiFi 500 to factory defaults

This will delete all your current settings including the WiFi name or password that you may have set.

1. Turn off the MiFi 500, remove the battery for about 30 seconds. Replace the battery and then turn the device back on but don't put the battery cover back on.

2. With a paper clip or pin push and hold the Master Reset button until the display shows "MiFi Powering Down".

3. The device will reboot and run through the hands free activation process.

You can also reset the device by way of the web interface as per the image below:

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on the Mobile Network tab

3. Click on Modem

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Show Advanced Modem Configuration"

5. Then click the Reset Modem button

This action requires your device's MSL and will prompt the device to go through the hands free activation process again.

Get in touch.

If none of these tips have gotten you up and running, then it's time to get in touch so we can help. Please be sure to let us know what you've done already so we know where to pick up.