Novatel's MiFi 500 4G LTE hotspot (model 5580) is a great way to stay connected while mobile. It has an uncomplicated onboard control panel, and using the MiFi's Web Interface you can easily view and edit a wide variety of additional settings.

To access the MiFi 500's web interface, simply:

· connect your computer to the MiFi 500's Wi-Fi network (this doesn't require an internet connection)

· open a browser window on your computer if your computer doesn't automatically launch a window with the MiFi 500 web interface

· log in using the default password "admin"

MiFi Home

On the top right hand corner of the home page, you'll see icons showing your network signal strength, whether or not you're roaming (if you're traveling internationally) and your battery life.

This information is displayed on the home screen of the MiFi 500


Connected Devices

This page gives you information about devices currently connected to your MiFi 500 and also allows you to create or update a Blocked Devices list.

To view connected devices on the MiFi 500: Menu > Connected Devices 

Wi-Fi Settings

From the MiFi 500's Wi-Fi page of the Settings, you can:

1. Set the Wi-Fi name and password for your hotspot

2. Adjust the maximum number of Wi-Fi connected devices

3. View and edit Advanced Settings

To view the Wi-Fi name and password on the MiFi 500: Menu > Wi-Fi


Advanced Wi-Fi Settings

From the Advanced (Wi-Fi) Settings, you can control whether or not the Wi-Fi name and password are displayed on the device.


Device Settings:


In the Preferences section of the Device settings, you can control display settings.

Web Interface

In the Web Interface section of the Device settings, you can update the password for the online interface.

Software Update

The Software Update section of the Device settings allows you to update the MiFi 500's data profile and PRL (preferred roaming list).

To check for and apply software updates however, you need to access that on the device itself:

Menu > Software Update > Check Now > OK

Backup and Restore

In the Backup and Restore section of the Device settings, you can create a backup file for your MiFi 500, restore your device from that saved backup file and restore factory settings for things you have edited (i.e. Wi-Fi name and password, maximum number of users etc). Using this factory reset option will prompt your hotspot to go through the hands free activation process again.


Mobile Network Settings:

Mobile Settings

From the Mobile Settings section of the Mobile Network tab in your MiFi 500's settings, you can:

1. Enable or disable data on your device

2. Select your preferred network type (LTE or 3G)

3. Enable or disable international data roaming and roaming guards (note: domestic data roaming is not offered)