What is port eligibility?

Port eligibility is the process of verifying that your phone number is eligible to be transferred (or ported) from your existing wireless provider to Madstar Mobile. This is also referred to as “Local Number Portability” (LNP). LNP number transfer can occur if the number is local to the service area where the transfer is to occur, and if Madstar Mobile offers coverage in that area. If eligible, you may be able to transfer your existing wireless phone number to Madstar Mobile.

In order to transfer your existing phone number from another carrier to Madstar Mobile, the number must be in active service with your current provider. Toll-free numbers are not eligible for a transfer.

How long will it take to port my phone number to Madstar?

On average, transfers of mobile phone numbers take 2-24 hours. If you're transferring a land line or Google Voice or other VOIP number, it will take 5-7 days.

Will I still be able to use my phone while my number is porting?

Yes, your line will stay active during the porting process. If you notice your line is no longer active, it has successfully made the move to Madstar Mobile. If your phone does not work right away, simply turn your phone off and back on again to complete the activation. 

Can I port a number to a data device?

No. Numbers can only be ported to phones.

How will I know if there’s a problem with my number transfer?

Problems with number ports usually stem from information not matching up with your existing carrier. If we run into a problem while porting your phone number over to Madstar Mobile, we'll email you to let you know. This article also outlines what to do if there's a problem.

What happens to my current wireless service after I transfer my wireless number to Madstar Mobile?

If there was only one number in your account, it will automatically be cancelled.

Do I need to cancel my current service to complete the number transfer to Madstar?

No, in order to transfer your phone number to Madstar Mobile, your service must be active. After the number port has been completed, your previous carrier will automatically cancel your account.

Do I continue to pay my existing wireless provider while my number is being transferred to Madstar?

Yes. Do not cancel your service while your phone number is in the process of porting to Madstar Mobile. After the number has successfully ported to Madstar Mobile we suggest that you call your old provider and ensure you will no longer be billed for that phone number.

Your number transfer form requires a password or PIN from my current carrier, but they didn't give me one. What should I do?

All of the fields in our number transfer form are required, but if there are pieces of information that your current carrier doesn't require to transfer your number, just enter a placeholder in the field (i.e. 1234 for PIN or last four digits of SSN, or your phone number for account number). Since your current carrier isn't checking those fields, it doesn't matter what you enter in them. Most carriers do have some PIN requirements though.

What if I'm transferring a number that I had in another city or state?

If you move from New York, with a local number to Los Angeles, people calling you would be dialing a long distance New York number. So to be fair, if you move to another city or state, it might make sense to change your phone number so that people in your new town, city, etc., can reach you by making a local call.