If you've already submitted a number transfer or number port request, but it's not completed, you may need to update it. Here are some common number port problems.

I got an e-mail indicating that my port didn't complete and needs to be updated. What should I do?

  The e-mail you've received will give you one of two options:

· Directions on what needs to be modified in your port request along with a link that will take you to the Device Settings page in your Madstar Mobile account online and allow you to update it. If you don't see any ports requiring an update in your list of devices, there should be a banner at the top of the page that you can click to get to the update form.


· You'll be instructed to get in touch with our customer support so we can help you with your port update. On your number transfer form, look for the text in red at the top that tells you what needs to be updated and enter the correct information. When you've completed the form, click Done.


What are some of the reasons that a number transfer doesn't complete?

There are several reasons why a port or transfer may fail to complete, but the most common ones are:

· Missing or incorrect account number

· Missing or incorrect password/PIN

· Missing or incorrect SSN or Tax ID

Less common ones include:

· Customer information mismatch (i.e. wrong name, account address etc)

· Incorrect zip code

· First or last name are incorrect

· Business name is incorrect

I don't think I have an account number or password. What should I do?

Customers are often surprised to find out they have an account number or password associated with their phone number; that's not unusual. Usually this information was either given to you when you first set up the account and never used again, or it was never given to you at all because it's not something you need in order to use your carrier's service. Carriers have to have some information on file for you that is not easily known or obtained by someone else to keep your phone number secure from being ported out by another person without your authorization.

How do I get the information I need to update my port request?

If you're missing port information and it's not readily available in your account, you'll need to call your carrier's customer service line to get that information. Madstar Mobile does not have access to that information and we aren't able to get it from your carrier on your behalf for security reasons (see the previous question). We've compiled a list of number port requirements from various carriers here, but as this information is constantly changing, it's safest to get in touch with your carrier directly.

What kind of information should I be getting from my carrier?

You'll want to make sure that you get the following account details:

· Account holder name

· Account address

· Account number

· Password

The two leading reasons that ports aren't approved are because the account number and/or password are not correct!

If you're with one of the largest carriers then they will have an account number on file for you (that is likely not your phone number), as well as a password. This password is the one that you'd need to give to a rep if you were trying to make a critical 

change to your account over the phone and needed to verify your identity.

If you're with a smaller carrier then there is a much wider variety. Smaller carriers may use your phone number or device ESN/MEID as your account number. However they may also have specific account number for you. As for passwords, they may or may not have one for you.


Now that I've updated my port information, how long will it take to complete?

If your port required an update, then it may have gone from being handled by an automated system to being handled manually--so a real person has to look at the information and make sure it matches up now and that means there's no guarantee of how long it will take. However, the majority of correctly updated ports take 1-3 hours to complete and the almost all of them will complete within 24 hours.

How will I know if I still need more information?

You'll hear from us by e-mail whether your port is successful or not.