The Affiliate program is our way of thanking the person who referred you to Madstar Mobile.

What is a coupon code?

A coupon code is a special code that, when used, automatically applies a discount to the purchase of your new device or a credit to your account. It also lets Madstar know who referred you to Madstar Mobile.

How do I use a coupon code?

When you are ready to check out you will see a place to type in the coupon code in the shopping cart. It is located in the lower right area of the screen. You will enter in the code provided to you.


How does the coupon code work?

When you use the code, the system automatically applies the discount to the purchase of your new device or credit your account if you purchase a used/refurbished device or bring your own. Your friend will get their credit when you activate that device.

What if I change my mind about signing up right now?

No problem! Just come back later.

Can I use a Madstar Mobile gift card along with my coupon code?

Yes! Just make sure to use the coupon code at the checkout. If  you're purchasing a device, you'll have a chance to enter your gift card details in the purchase process. If you're bringing a device to Madstar Mobile, you can apply your gift card separately as a credit on your account or you can save it for another time when you want to purchase a device. Madstar Mobile gift cards don't expire so you can use them anytime.

Can I use a coupon code for my second device?

Yes. Coupon codes apply to the entire order. It can be either a percentage discount or a certain amount off the order.