If your MMS isn’t working:


1. Confirm that you have a data connection on your phone, a data connection is required for picture messaging unless you're using a third party messaging app

2. Look for Network and perform a Data profile update.

  • From Device Setting, tap System Updates
  • Tap Update Profile.
  • After the profile update is complete, tap OK

3. Do you see an error message that says the media file is too large?

  • Try reducing the size of the file with a compatible editing program available in Google Play Store™.
  • You can also try to send the file via email. Email providers usually have a higher file size limit  

4.  Perform a soft reset. A soft reset will reconnect your device to Madstar Mobile network.

  • Press and hold the Power key until your HTC One™ turns off.
  • Your HTC One restarts.
  • Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.

Still having trouble? Contact a Customer Service at 844.623.7827 so we can do some further troubleshooting.