How do I set up voicemail for the first time?


· Ensure you have the voicemail option checked in the Device Settings on your account.

· If your phone is locked, unlock it.

· On smart phones, running Android, press your phone button to enter the phone application.

· Press and hold 1 on the dial pad.

· You will be automatically connected to your voice mailbox and be prompted to initialize your mailbox for the first time.

1. When prompted, enter a 4-10 digit pass code, and then press #

2. Press # to keep the pass code or press * to change it

3. Choose your greeting type:  Press 1 to record your name announcement or Press 2 to play your 10-digit phone number instead of your name announcement

4. Choose a personal or automated greeting: Press 1 record personal greeting or Press 2 standard automated greeting

5. Choose your security level: Press 1 to disable your pass code login when checking your voicemail or press 2 to enable your pass code login when checking voicemail (recommended)


This concludes your voicemail setup.


How do I access voicemail from another line?


1. Dial your number from the external line

2. When your voicemail greeting begins, dial * and when prompted enter the pass code.


What if I forget my voicemail passcode?


You can reset your voicemail by calling Madstar Mobile Customer Service. This will delete any voicemail messages that you have currently, but will allow you to setup your voicemail again with a new pass code.


What is visual voicemail?


Visual voicemail is a feature that comes built in with some devices. This is different from visual Voicemail-to-Text which is a trial service not offered by Madstar Mobile. If that is on your device when you receive it, the service will automatically stop running 30 days from the time that the phone is activated.


Disabling Voicemail-to-Text:

1. Tap Voicemail app

2. Menu

3. Settings

4. Manage subscriptions

5. Unsubscribe